11 May 2018

Happy Mothers Day to all our beautiful Moms

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Voucher Plus Blog - Mothers Day

It's almost Mother’s Day and I thought as a build up to such a special day a post was well called for. As a teenager of 14 years old, I met Lauren Marshall (back then) and Dane Forman. We immediately clicked and became incredible friends!!!!

Lauren was an amazing friend, a strong dynamic woman, a beautiful bride, wonderful wife and after many many years, it's been so precious watching my friend flourish from teen to woman, to wife (now Lauren Forman) then wow MOTHER!!!! The role of motherhood suites her so beautifully! I'll never forget the night she told us she is pregnant, she was glowing and then I will never forget the day she walked into our lunch date with a pram.... it was strange yet awesome to see my friend in this new chapter of her life!!! I then started admiring Lauren as a mother... she radiates warmth, love, sacrifice, joy and all things that leave one feeling fuzzy inside! I am so proud of the mother she is!

Now with my mother's day campaign I wanted to pay tribute to mothers! I mean my mom is incredible, I am so blessed, but I really wanted to showcase the radiant young mother Lauren is ... to me she is a true celebration of motherhood, therefore I have used some of her and her youngest Sloane Harpers' pics. Watch the video

Special aren't they???

“First my mother, forever my friend" Always remember that to the world, you are a mother - but to your family, you are their entire world! What I love most about a mother, is that Moms are people who know us the best, and still love us the most! On this special day remember that Life began with waking up and loving your mother's face!

Voucher Plus pays a special tribute to all moms, each one of us has a mom whether it be by birth, by love, by bond or by gift but there is truly nothing more special in this world than the sacred beauty of being a mom!

Spoil your mom today, on Mothers Day and every day! Mom's also remember you need shopping spree's too or even if its running errands, buying groceries or booking holidays Voucher Plus is your online companion to Spending less!

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Wishing my mom, Lauren and all the moms out there love, spoils and appreciation on such a special day coming up and every day for that matter!

Lots of Love
The Voucher Plus Team

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